The Farm

Safety and security for the thorougbred and the men and women who care for them have been the cornerstones of Basinghall's construction and sustainability, it's foundation.

Originally based on the Mornington Peninsula, Basinghall Farm, relocated with the growth and development of the Thoroughbred Industry into Victoria's north-east and has evolved as a premier centre for broodmare owners since the Nagambie property was first purchased in 2007.

Formally part of the renowned Polloch Station, noted for outstanding cattle, sheep and lucerne production, the property has undergone an impressive transformation into what it is today. Decades of hands-on experience has gone into the planning and development of Basinghall and this is supported by hand-picked staff adhering to the high standards set and expected.

Sustainable care for each horse and the land they are reared on is an ongoing commitment. Pasture management, with introduced equine pasture species is continually assessed and implemented year round and soil analysis ensures a perfect pasture balance to our professionally developed feed formulas. Thousands of shelter trees have and continue to be planted, complimenting the grand river gums already gracing the property. The farm also produced high quality lucerne and it's growing herd of Stud Poll Herefords are an integral part of our grazing and crop rotation program.

Tas's wider interest in the direction being taken by the Australian Breeding and Racing industries has, over the last decade, seen him serve on the boards of Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria and Thoroughbred Breeders Australia, the Australian Pattern Committee and Aushorse Marketing. This involvement has been invaluable, not only in the context of being able to contribute to the big picture, but also drawing knowledge from such a diverse group of industry professionals and incorporating it into the ongoing development of Basinghall.

Over three decades of industry experience and our dedicated team, allows us to provide a complete and personal service to breeders and we each bring this wealth of knowledge to our daily routine. We understand how fickle breeding and racing can be and place key value on personal communication with all our owners. Testament to this care and service is a long list of clients who have been supporters of the farm for many years, welcomed as friends on each and every visit.

The Farm